a (mockup) of packaging is its digital model,
a visualization completed in line with the original proportions


  • product presentation for the purposes of packaging promotion and assessment
  • presentation of a commercial offering, project research and verification
  • visualization of the product display on a shelf, stand or in collective packaging


  • reasonable price
  • ideal and attractive product presentation
  • product verification and presentation before manufacturing
  • free verification of the product from each side (3D and VR versions)
  • any final file size (website, poster, billboard)
  • short waiting time (usually within 48 hours)

how it works

you send us product photos or drawings, together with the print design
we agree on project details and technology
we provide the finished work in the format you have selected


2D model, one product view, most often front view
spatial visualization - product view from any angle
free view of the product in space as animation, html5 object, flash, java, pdf, augument reality or web-gl

our customers